A Different Approach

"We don't want to enter the race for neverending performance and relate to you the commercial and medical speeches of our times. We want to recreate the feeling of close workmanship. We want to bask in our hard earned street reputation based on the quality of our work and it's technical aspects. We want to love our patients and share their lives to better serve their needs. We are humans and we want to treat humans. You can count on us to filter all the technical and moral nonsense that hovers around dentistry so that you always get the best for your dental health. Our dentistry is simple, based on quality and trust."
  • Materials

    Our office is entirely computerised and networked. Intra Oral camera so that you can see what's inside your mouth. Digital Full Arch Xrays and 3D Xrays for a minimal exposure dose. Quiet headphones.

  • Hygiene

    The aseptic chain and the sterilizer meet the latest hospital standards in order to ensure a perfect hygiene. Disposable medical devices are used whenever possible.

  • Training

    Our curiosity and thirst for learning and improvement prompts us to regularly attend seminars in the different aspects of dentistry.

  • Esthetics

    Our penchant for aesthetics is omnipresent in all stages of the treatment. This is our obsession. Pure and translucent ceramics have become the norm in our practice, even on your molars.

  • Relations

    For a two-way trust, mutual respect and sincere listening are required. Punctuality is essential. We make ourselves available outside of our schedules as much as possible.

  • Protect

    We want to keep your teeth alive, avoiding as much root canals as possible. We regularly carry out preventive measures to avoid the installation of decay and periodontal diseases.